positives and negatives

Cara Swift


Sherman Anti-Trust Act: +

The bill was introduce by John Sherman to congress. The bill was passed in 1890 by president Benjamin Harrison. It was made to prohibit any contract or combination in restraint to foreign and interstate affairs. It was designed to restore competition and take down monopolies.
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Philanthropy. +

In general industrialization brought in a lot of money to america. We started to produce more and more goods. More specifically however it opened up a new opportunity opportunity opportunity opportunity philanthropy. People like Rockefeller and Carnegie had the money to do a lot of good even if they got it from a corrupt system.
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Telegraph. +

With industrialization came a lot more household inventions. One of them being the telegraph. The telegraph changed how everyone communicates. You no longer had to wait to send a had written letter. Military bases could communicate easier. Eventually it effected to entire population of the United States.
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The naturalization act of 1906. -

The naturalization act of 1906 was an act of congress signed into law by Theodore Roosevelt. It revised a law from 1870 that said immigrants must learn english before they can become natural citizens.

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Unequal pay. +

At the time when tons of new immigrants were coming to America from extremely bad situations, they would work for very little pay. Because of this business were more likely to hire them over a native. This also made the natives despise the immigrant immensely. Companies got cheaper labor which mean they made more money. At the same time their laborers were living in extremely poor living situation. Tenements were dirty and cramped.

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Melting pot. +

Socially immigration, in the long run, was a big help to this country. In the start we had to deal with racial tensions, unequal pay, and poor living conditions. We turned into a massive melting pot full of nativism and unfair treatment to immigrants. However, eventually we turned into a melting pot full of diverse culture.
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Political machines. -

Political machines began to take over the way America is run. Everything began to corrupt. The machines would grant government jobs to people that didn't qualify because said people did them favors. They often excepted money from crime rings for political protection in their illegal acts.

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Mass transit. +

The invention of mass transit changed the way the world worked. It meant that people could live in suburbs and ride a train to work. It meant that cities could become less compact which made living conditions for everyone much better.
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Womens suffrage. +

One of the most successful part of progressivism is the success women had with suffrage. They set out with the goal of being able to vote. And while Susan B. Anthony never saw it happen, the goal was met in 1920. When the 19th amendment was passed by Wilson.

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Graduated income tax. +-

This essentially a tax increase for everyone. It stated that with making more wages also comes with paying more taxes. This tried its hardest to keep taxing fair. If you made more money you were taxed more. if you made less you were taxed class to nothing.But in my opinion failed.
The Progressive Income Tax: A Tale of Three Brothers


Realism art. +

During the progressive era American art evolved. The era or artist realism began. One the most famous paintings of all time was painted then, The Mona Lisa. Realism is the attempt to display the subject matter truthfully.
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Platt amendment. +

The Platt amendment of 1903 took american troops out of Cuba and ended the Spanish-American war. It also gave america a naval base there. The amendment made america realize that they could take what they wanted with a little force.

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Hawaii. +-

While practicing extreme imperialism money started to come into the US from everywhere, specifically Hawaii. One day we just decided that Hawaii should be ours so we simply took it. We turned all of their sugar into our profit and added our naval bases to their land.
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Yellow journalism. -

Yellow journalism was a leading cause to a lot of the battles america got involved with. Yellow journalism is when a journalist posts an article full of false facts. This makes the american people angry about something that might not have even happened. Which almost forces the government to do something about it.

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league of nations. +-

At the end of WW1 the league of nations was created. It included many many countries. While in the end the league didn't work it was important that the world try to make peace. This system not working only meant that we need to find a system that will.

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  • War=Money. +-

War means money for the united states. Farmers were more needed. More steel needed to be produced. Women began to get jobs in factories. Business for america was booming all around
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Women work. +

Because all the men were out at war this made women have to be the ones that work in the factories. This was the first time women got to prove that they could work and be good at it. This was the first step of getting women out of the house and into the workplace.

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