April Band Newsletter - Ms. Walker

April 19th - April 25th

Dear 8th Graders.....

It wasn't supposed to be like this. You were supposed to end this year, walking the halls of the schools many of you have dedicated your entire life to. You were supposed to relish in the parades, the ceremonies, the dances, and the graduation you've been looking forward to. Many of you landed roles in your school's play/musical, which may never happen. You were supposed to end your last Band concert playing "Let's Go Band" - knowing that it may be the last time you played that song. You were supposed to receive your awards, and (maybe) see me blubber like a big baby on the stage as we recognized your hard work and dedication to Band over the past 5 years.

We know you're sad - hurt - maybe even angry. Maybe you were already over school and you're happy it's "officially called off" -- so there's no more anticipation of *possibly* going back. These memories you've been thinking (or dreaming of) will never be able to replicated or replaced.

.......I'm here to tell you it's okay. You are off to BIGGER and BETTER things. This was NOT your last band concert. You will be playing in your high school marching band or ensemble soon before you know it. You will be challenged and pushed into more exciting and new music you've never thought possible. You'll be walking new halls, making new friends, and leaving behind what is "now". Keep your eyes on the horizon, 8th graders - it's just the beginning of something GREAT.

How do I play?

Visit the Band website -- each day, there will be a "weird wacky instrument" video uploaded -- watch the video and then click the following link to vote whether or not you liked it! Videos and voting links will remain active for 2 weeks - the winner will be posted on May 1st!

Did you make music today?

Yes - even Ms. Walker still practices her instrument!

How did you make music today?

Click me to watch!

"Once Upon a December" -- Anastasia

Musical App: Acapella (iPhone)

Disney Band Jeopardy

Monday, April 20th, 6:30pm

This is an online event.

Do you love Disney? Do you love trivia? Do you want to learn some Disney songs to play on your instrument??! Look no further! Come join me Monday night via Zoom to play Disney Band Trivia! Bring your Mickey / Minnie ears and nerd out with some awesome Disney games! Sign up here to reserve your spot!

Zoom code will be sent your email that evening for your family's protection.

Smart Music Update / Information

If your student is feeling lost on what they should be practicing, Smart Music is a fantastic tool for your student to remain active in their Essential Element Book, and be playing exercises that we would have been practicing in class.

Smart Music is a wonderful FREE eLearning website that allows students to practice and play the book exercises at their own pace. All assignments are assigned every two weeks. (The most recent one is assigned through May 1st.) HOWEVER - I have extended the deadline all the way through June 15th....so your student should have access to these assignments through the end of the school year.

Want to play something different and cool? Smart Music's library offers over 3,000 SONGS AND BOOKS (such as Star Wars, Halloween, Christmas, Jazz, Rock, etc.) - for FREE! Need some help finding it? Let me know and I'm happy to see if I can find what song your student is looking for.

Not sure how to get started? Visit the Band website and find your student's Smart Music classroom code. From there, visit www.smartmusic.com, and sign up for free. Smart Music only works with Google Chrome. Percussionists should choose both "percussion" and "bells" for their instruments.

What is Ms. Walker up to now-a-days?

Currently Reading: "The Ember Queen" (Book 3 of the "Ash Princess" series) -- yes, I'm still reading it. It's a long book!

Current Board Game of Choice: ColorKu (it's Sudoku with colors...)

Music you're listening to: Mary Poppins in Spanish

Last 3 movies you watched: Emma, Trolls 2: World Tour, Driving Ms. Daisy

Have you watched the Tiger King?: Yes - I binged the entire series on a Saturday.

Do you own Animal Crossing?: No! and all Nintendo Switches are sold out. :(