Pony Tracks

Last Week of February

Lock Down Drill This Week

We have all been moved by the recent tragedy in Florida. These events can happen and we must do everything within our scope of influence to make sure our campus is secure.

As part of our normal processes, we must begin teaching our children how to stop, listen, and move quickly. If you are on the playground, you should have yourselves spaced so that in an emergency, all children will be able to hear an adult and move as fast as possible to safety. If we are all standing in one spot we will not be able to communicate to our children in an emergency and precious time will be lost.

Please remember that this week, Thursday at 9 am, we will have our lockdown drill. Last week Mrs. Stitz provided information about the drill please make sure you have reviewed all your processes and spoken to your students about this drill. We will have county office staff onsite and will be using Sielox in test mode. Make sure your Sielox is working properly.

Always use your best judgment. If you are outside and you spot an unidentified person moving in from the trees. Get your kids in. Don't call for the office, it would be too late. This happened in the past. Luckily the person was Mrs. Jia but we could not identify her. All the teachers were standing or sitting on one side of the playground. When I asked children to be moved inside, it took too long to clear the playground.

And always stop someone without a visitors pass and return them to the office for a pass.

During our lockdown, we will be walking the campus.

Please Help!

Support each other in making sure teams are posting, sharing, emailing, or dropping your grade's plans in my box. I have some teams who have not updated their plans yet this month.

February 26: Favorite Hat Day

February 27: Bring a stuffed animal to read to. ACCESS writing testing for grades 1 and 2.

February 28: Crazy sicks day. Castle at Principal's meeting and Workshop Wednesday Staff Meeting (sharing from The Leader in Me conference)

March 1: Dress as your favorite book character

March 2: Wear red and blue. Lockdown drill 9:00, Stitz gone in the afternoon for an AP meeting

March 7: 4th grade field trip to WOHS for NC Symphony

March 6: 1st Grade WAVE Day

March 8: K WAVE Day. Castle gone to Sub Interviews at the CO

March 9: 2nd grade field trip to NSHS Sleeping Beauty

March 13: Castle gone to superintendent's meeting

March 16: 4th Grade WAVE Day

March 19-23: 3rd Nine Weeks Benchmarks grades 3-5