Different Types of Business Reports

By: Ariel Rodriguez

Informational Reports

  • Provides factual information
  • An objective
  • Requires research outside of success

Analytical Reports

  • Presents data
  • Includes recommendation
Example: Feasibility Study

  • Needs to be prepared before management
  • Provides recommendation
Sales Proposal

  • Provides information
  • Requests funding

Guaranteed Greatness!

What Are Some Other Types of Business Reports? What Do We Normally Find in Them?

  • Memos/Memorandums
- Internal & brief

  • Expense Report
- Provided to management

- Details employee expenses

  • Marketing plan
- Information about promotional activities

  • Annual Report
- Provided internally, externally, & to investors

- Financial activity for the year

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What Should We Look For In A Report?

  • Currency
-Is it recent?

  • Author
-Is the author an expert on the subject? or Is the author biased?

  • How is information obtained?
-Was it firsthand? or did they do the study?

  • Accuracy
-How does it compare to other studies?

Financial Reports

What is a financial report?

- An Honest summary of a company's financial situation.

What Are The Top Four Things In A Financial Statement?

  1. Balance Sheet- What company owns/owes
  2. Income Statement - P/L (profit and losses) Summary of sales expenditures
  3. Cash-flow Statement- Record of a company cash in bank. (inflow & outflow)
  4. Statement of Charges in Equity - Share movements between shareholders

Assets - Liabilities = Equity

Assets - What you own

Liabilities - What you owe

No cash = No business

What Are Some Types of Business Reports? How Do they Benefit us? How Effective Are They?

There are quite a few different types of reports. Some of the many I've listed include:

  • expense reports
  • memos
  • annual reports
  • marketing plans
  • informational & analytical
All these types of reports help us by providing accessible, accurate information to inform us of any changes in our work place, grades, etc. I think they are extremely effective, because we take the time to do them and we will be able to refer back to them later.