How to recuperate from low grade

My average is below passing. How do I get back on the train?

There is an entire semester to bring your grade up. To do that you are going to have to learn Spanish and submit assignments.

So you ask, how do I do that? Here is a simple 3 step approach:
  • Read Learning Block each day and do that day´s work.
  • Plan to attend a Live RLC each week rather than one per unit until your grade is floating a little higher.
  • Contact ME each day. I have asked students to do this, and those who are doing this daily contact also seem to be performing very well. Send me a Moodle message or a text each day telling me something you read in the Learning Block. Use this time to ask any questions you have about assignments.

Start your path to success by Messaging me or texting me and say "I´m ready to get to work this semester". My number is 919-617-6399

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I look forward to helping you get there. But first, you have to show up!