By: Isis M. 3rd

What Was The Change ?

The change of the Scientific Revolution was the way people look at the world, nature, and science.


Copernicus was a polish astronomer, he said that the geocentric model didn't explain movements of the sun,moon, and planets. After studying that problem for 30 years, he created a new model for the universe called the heliocentric model, in the heliocentric model , the sun is in the center of the universe. This was the first the first new model of the universe in 2000 years.


Galileo made improvements to the telescope and was one of the first to improve it good enough so that you could observe the sky. Galileo used the telescope to observe sunspots, the moons surface, and Jupiter's moons. Even though the church did not agree with galileo's research he refused to stop what he was doing and because of this they put him on house arrest until he died.

Johannes Kepler

Johannes Kepler proved Galileo's research correct. He stated that planets move in elliptical orbits around the sun, planets move faster as their orbits approach the sun, and also the time that it takes a planet to orbit the sun matches the same amount of distance it is from the sun.

How Did This Change Impact Society ?

This change impacted society because it gave us a new way of viewing different things such as using a telescope and also the scientific method.

How This Change Is Evidenced In Today's Modern Society ?

This change is evidenced in todays modern society because we still use the telescope and the scientific method and another reson it is evideced in todays modern society is becasue scientist create different things to view the world, nature, and other things.