All about whales,penguins,and krill

How do they survive the cold!

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Penguins,Whales,and Krill

Have you ever been with the penguins or whales? Well did you know there are 8-10 different types of whales in the oceans. Well this article is all about penguins,whales,and krill and what they eat.

Penguins are adopted to Antarctica.They are sometimes kept in stations to be studied and have a special type of fur in Antarctica and other types of cold places on earth.

Penguins eat krill because it's there main food.They also eat many different types of food in the ocean and even krill.Also, they eat tiny creatures in the ocean.

Penguins are used to the cold and sometimes they are kept in stations in Antarctica.Also, they are kept in stations to be studied and they cuddle up to stay warm in places like Antarctica and Alaska.

There are 8-10 different types of whales in the oceans.Here are 2 different types of whales, 1 a blue whale, and 2 a humpback whale.

Krill eat tiny seafood called shrimp in Antarctica and Alaska in the ocean,and even tiny creatures outside of the ocean in Antarctica, Alaska, and other places where penguins eat food.

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