Who Discovered America?

Sammy Bradley 1B History

Who Should Get Credit?

In my opinion, the Native Americans should get credit for discovering America. It is quite hard to zero people out, though, because there are a lot of possible answers. But, the Native Americans are the most logical answer for many reasons. First, there are many fossils all over that show that the Native Americans were in America. It is recorded that they came to America 10-50,000 years ago. Also, to prove that they came down from Asia, scientists have tested the blood, earwax, and teeth of Native Americans, and compared it to the Asians. The results: they were exactly the same! So, it is a proven fact that the Native Americans came down through Asia, walked across Beringia, and walked down into America where bones and other remains of them have been found.

What About Christopher Columbus?

I do not think Columbus discovered America. Christopher Columbus didn't discover America, he just told everyone about it. The Native Americans were in America first, which means they discovered it. The Native Americans didn't have the same connections or materials that Columbus did, so they couldn't tell anyone about their new land. Christopher Columbus had the King & Queen, a big boat, and a large crew of hefty men. Columbus came to America (he was looking for India, though) and found the Taínos. They had built a civilization in America, but Columbus and his men came in and claimed it was theirs and demanded the little gold that the Taínos had. The Taínos didn't have enough gold, and told Columbus that it was their land. Meanwhile, greedy Columbus told the King and Queen that there was so much gold on the land that he discovered. Not! Instead of acting in a calm manner, he killed 3 million of the Taínos and made them suffer for not giving him land or gold. Then he claimed the land for himself. The Taínos didn't have the connections that Columbus did. Therefore, they had no way to tell the world that they were in America first. Columbus should have never gotten credit for discovering America.

What About the Others?

Prince Madoc of Wales

Prince Madoc definitely didn't discover America. He came on 10 ships with his other Welsh people and sailed up the Mississippi River where he started a civilization. The settlement lasted for about 100 years near the Ohio River Valley, where Lousiville, Kentucky is today. But, there is a slip in the story. You see, while they were there, they met with the Natives Americans. They had babies, and the babies were called Mandan Indians. Wait... There were already Indians there? Yep. If there weren't Indians ALREADY there, then there couldn't be Mandan Indians. Case closed.

Bjarni Herjulfsson

Bjarni was on a mission to find his long lost father, when he was blown 2,000 miles off course to America. He looked around America, and there was no dad. So, he left America and didn't come back. He was so focused on finding his dad that he never stepped foot off his boat. He didn't know that he had just found another country, and unfortunately, that means he cannot get credit for discovering America.

Leif Ericsson

Leif Ericsson didn't discover America, and he definately didn't put any work into it either. Leif was a viking and the son of a murderer. He found Vinland (Newfoundland) and colonolized it, but it was very short-lived. Later in life, he met up with Bjarni Herjulfsson. Bjarni told Leif his story about how he was trying to find his dad, but ended up in America. Since Bjarni never stepped foot in America, or even explored it, he sold all of his ships, maps, and information he had gathered to Leif Ericsson. Ericsson took the maps and went to America, where he said he was the first one. But, he never put any work into it, so if anyone should get credit, it would be Bjarni, but neither discovered it first.


Hoei-Shin's main mission was to travel the world and spread his Budhist religon. He took a Chinese ship and sailed wherever the wind would take him. The west winds blew Hoei-Shin's ship to California. He got off his boat and walked around Central American to meet the locals. Wait... What locals? Oh yeah- the Native Americans! This story tells us that the Native Americans were in America first. There is evidence that Hoei-Shin was in America, though. All of his very detailed journals have been discovered, and have been proven to be true. Also, 2 of his ship's anchors were found off the coast of California, which proves that he was there. But, the local Indians were there first.