were gladiators heros or victims?

By Edward Park

The Hero side

If you consider that gladiators were heros, Then you might want to look at the side that some gladiators chose to become gladiators for the glory of victory. They were given a trophy if they defeated the other gladiator.

The Victim side

If you look at the victim side, most of the gladiators were forced into the life of a gladiator because they might have been a prisonor of war and was transformed into a slave. sometimes, they weren't even trained to fight anything and was given nothing to protect themselves from animals that they let loose just to see the slaves die in the arena. Even when they win, they are still in threat of death. The life of the gladiator depends on the performance of the fight, so even if you win you still can be killed for poor performance.

The picture above

There were some woman gladiators. But not as many as there were men gladiators.


Even though they were honored if they were in the battlefield and won, that does not chage the fact that they had to kill hundreds of people to get to this rank. I have to say that gladiators were victims against the rich. But were heros against each other. They were honored by everyone, yet despised by the rich if they lost.