North Central Educators Reviewing the Development of Science


A big thank you to every one who came to our Second NERDS meeting. A big thank you to Lisa Dulin for inviting us into her classroom. Our next meeting will take place at New London in Mrs. Chase's science classroom. As a reminder we are looking to find resources to help our students prepare for the upcoming AIR State Test. As always any item or samples you are interested in sharing please feel free to bring in.
Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel may have an interest in participating in future meetings.

NERDS meeting

Thursday, Feb. 23rd, 5:30pm

1 Wildcat Drive

New London, OH

Start time is at 5:30 but please feel free to come when most convenient. The meetings will typically last an hour possibly longer. We are trying to encourage cooperative professional development between school district and local science teachers.


5:30 Meet and Greet
5:40 Discuss different content materials, Projects, Hands on Activities, Teaching Methods for State Test Prep
6:30 Discuss future meetings, ideas for expanding group involvement and participation
*meetings are very informal, so times are not strict. =)

Special Thanks to our current officers

Sarah Freundlich - President
Lisa Dulin - Vice President
Mike Schwechheimer - Secretary
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