In Real Life

By; Cory Doctorow and Jen Wang

Project By; Caitlin Rosendorn


In Real Life is a book about Anda, a girl who wakes up on her birthday, not expecting to be introduced into the world of Coarsegold Online by a gamer named Liza McCombs. Liza is the leader of a guild online called Clan Fahrenheit, and she invites the girls in Anda's class to come join her clan and help her get girls to game more as themselves. Soon, Anda finds herself in a spiral of, well, gold as she befriends a gold farmer (*poor Chinese children who illegally find expensive objects and sell them to rich players) and realizes that an actual person's life is at stake. And things get much more complicated from then on.
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The theme of this story is to embrace who you are and to never deny yourself the privilege of being yourself.


The setting of In Real Life is, contradictory to the title, in the online game Coarsegold Online (+That is situational irony- do I get extra credit?). It spans most of the world in the game, but revolves mainly around the Clan Fahrenheit base.
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The 3 main characters are Anda (the protagonist) who has brown hair and is shown is be very brave and kind, Lucy, a member of Clan Fahrenheit with a pixie avatar and a tough exterior (with a kind heart), and Raymond, an illegal gold farmer who works for money for his family and is very selfless.


The conflict here is Man Vs. Man, where its Raymond vs his job as an illegal gold farmer and Anda trying to help him find a way out of it through the game.
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