Harappan Culture

by: Austin Higgins


The hardpan language is in contrast of cuneiform and hieroglyphics. The language is impossible to decifer. There is about 400 symbols that make up the language.
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The culture is very rich. there was a remarkable uniformity in religion and culture. They had dolls and toys for children, which shows that they had enough resources for non essential goods. There are not many war artifacts found so it suggests that they may have not had many conflicts.
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Role of Religion

Many people think that the harappan civilization had close ties to its religion and believe it may have been a theocracy, but there has still been no discovery of a temple or place of worship. The priest probably prayed for good growing seasons and no floods or natural disasters. Ancient artifacts found may link hinduism to the harappan civilization.


Gold and silver came from north in Afghanistan. semi precious stones from persia and the deccan plateau were made into jewelry. The indus river provided the people with great trading transportation.