Where Is Middle- Earth?



Germany is a very beautiful place that has an amazing landscape. It has beautiful green hills, piercing blue lakes, and snowy mountains, such as the alps. Other than the countryside Germany has your typical, well lit, city.

Germany also has a very interesting culture. The German culture is has many characteristics. They have many religions, such as Roman Catholic and Protestant. Along with religion they celebrate many interesting holidays such as sylvester, fasching, Easter, and Christmas. Most of their celebrations include lots of traditional dancing and traditional music. Along with the culture of Germany they have their language, which is German.

Middle Earth v.s. Germany

I personally think that Germany is very much like Middle Earth. It has beautiful green landscapes and brilliant waters. The Middle Earth is that way as well. The landscape is green and beautiful and has gorgeous waters, such as the rolling green hills where the hobbit lives, and the river that is right next to Bilbo's house. Otherwise Germany has the Alps just like Middle Earth has the Misty Mountains. The Alps are just like the Misty Mountains because well they are misty, dangerous, big, and wet. The Misty Mountains are just as similar.

Some Interesting Pictures

Why Germany is the Perfect Middle Earth, well...

Germany has the right kind of landscape, the right culture, and the right diversity of people and such.

Germany, Germany, and MIddle Earth

In conclusion Germany would make a perfect Middle Earth because of the culture and landscape, but mainly the landscape.

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