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Vietnam Visa

Procedure for Vietnam-eVisa Application

Vietnam has been a country to be involved with political turmoil, right since the beginning. The nouveau country to have received freedom and made its own name, Vietnam has a long history to narrate to the audience.

This 13th most populous country in the world has strict rules however with its visa entry. The access to the country is judged by many norms and parameters. Like any developing country, Vietnam also faces problem and long trouble as far making of the visa is concerned. It is a long queue and several procedures needed to be filled.

However, the online system has replaced this trend. The Vietnam-evisa application concept has replaced the system of manually applying for the Vietnam visa. Now the entire process of obtaining visa has been consolidated in 4 steps:-

1) Filling a secure online form:- If you know what details have to be filled, then the process become much simpler. The online form will contain details necessarily required to be filled in a Vietnam-evisa.

2) Confirm your details followed by payment of fees:- This does not look like a big task. All you have to do is put you’re your card service and get the desired service. They however would accept only the credit or debit card in these cases.

3)Plan to Get the approval letter and get getting Vietnam-evisa stamped:-After one whole working day or maximum two, you would want to get the visa approval letter via your email. Also, in the same way fill out your entry and exit form. With two passport size photos and some amount, you should be all set to get the visa. In some days, you must see the Vietnam visa reaching your doorstep.

4) Get the Vietnam-evisa stamped upon arrival:- All the efforts will be a waste if this is not fulfilled .

One’s arrival to Vietnam International Airports, one would need to present all required things in a prepared package consisting of your passport, visa approval letter, photos, entry-exit form and stamp fee). Just the last step would be to get the Immigration officer sign your visa.

Thus, due to technology and ease, Vietnam-evisa solves the strenuous issue of obtaining visa in Vietnam.

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