iPad Session #1

Lowell Lunch & Learn: April 8

Today's Agenda

  • SAMR in 120 seconds
  • Student iPad guidelines
  • Review what is currently on the iPads
  • Share what students are currently doing w/the iPads
  • Review the App Request Process
  • Review the sign out process for iPads
  • Practice e-mailing yourself content from the iPad
SAMR in 120 Seconds

Student iPad Expectations

These have been shared with all classes by Ms. G. Thank you for modeling them with your device use.
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iPad contents as of 4/8/14

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Planned Apps

The apps linked below tie to student creation. See further down the page to submit an app for consideration or share a learning task for which you'd like to find an app.

What are students doing with iPads?

Check out this cool tool called Kahoot! Devices serve as student response tools. You can also use this on the laptops.

Interested in requesting an app?

Or need help finding an app to help you support student learning? Tell us what you need here (This link will go live when we are ready for requests.)

iPad Sign-Out

  • At this time, all iPads will be stored in the LLC.
  • Hard copy sign-out pages are currently being used.
  • Please be attentive to the color of the case and the device number when taking and returning devices. The number is written on the case and is part of the device wallpaper when you turn it on.
  • When a set per grade level + 1 for the LLC is procured, the location will move from the LLC to a classroom in each grade level.
  • Next year, we hope to utilize online sign-out

Sending content off of the iPad

  • All Lowell iPads are set up with a generic e-mail. This allows individuals to e-mail what you've created on the device to another person's e-mail. Two ways you can do this now are with a photo or a screenshot.

  • To take a screenshot (a picture of what is showing on the screen), push the home button and the power button at the same time.
  • Click on the box with the upward arrow to see options of how to send & click the envelope (mail). Then enter the e-mail address for delivery.

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