Franz Liszt- Hungarian Rhapsody

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Franz Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody no.2 (The Perfect Version)

Franz Liszt

Fransz was a composer, pianist, conductor, and a teacher of music. He livedn from 1811- 1886. He lived in Hungary.

Franz's childhood and the family history

Franz performed for the first time when he was 9, performing in the concert halls and at age 8 composed elementary works. His father played instruments and taught Franz. His father worked as the secretary for Prince Nicholas Esterhazy.

Franz's Adult Year's

He toured extensively across Europe. He written 700 compositions. He composed several impressions of the Swiss countryside in the album "Years of Pilgrimage." He was a caring and helping person. He gave many of his proceeds of concerts to charities and foundations.

Franz's career

He's composed over 700 compositions. He was inspired by love and nature. He has donated lots of his proceeds. He's released impressions of "Swiss countryside." In 1834 he debuted his piano compositions. His arguably most famous piece is Un Sospiro.
Franz Liszt - Un Sospiro

The era of music

Franz was in the Romantic Era. The expression of emotion was described as the romantic era. After Beethoven, composers started using this emotion in their music.
Franz's music fit in with this music era because his music was inspired by love and his love for nature.

The history of the music

The Hungarian Rhapsody was about his childhood growing up in Hungary.

How it is performed

This composition is usually heard in piano or orchestra.

this composition to pop culture

It is used in this clip of Bugs Bunny. It is a very popular show for kids. It was used appropriately because it was used s a tribute
Bugs Bunny Franz Liszt