Let's Learn About Netiquette

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Netiquette, What exactly is it?

Netiquette is the proper term for the use of etiquette on the internet. It allows one to communicate formally when properly using the internet.

Who should use Netiquette?

Everyone should use some form of netiquette. The internet is all around us, and consumes most of our daily activities. Adults use the internet on their phones, laptops, Ipads and so on. Although it may seem that only adults should be accountable for their actions when using the internet; it also applies to children. Children are becoming more familiar with the internet, and should also be held accountable for using proper netiquette as well.
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Netiquette Core Rules

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1. Remember the human

2. Follow the same courtesies you do in person online

3. Know where you are in cyberspace

4. Respect other peoples time and bandwidth

5. Make yourself look good online

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