Progress Update


Troy is currently reading below grade level and needs consistent reminders to apply the strategies that he used in 1st grade Reading Recovery to his reading. Often times we are noticing him skipping lines of text. We are in the process of figuring out if it is intentional or if he is experiencing some tracking issues. Troy needs to be reminded to choose books that are on his level, that he can read independently. We have also begun working with Troy on the different sounds that he seems to be missing. This is being done through a phonemic awareness program called Reading Assist.


Troy has good ideas for his personal narrative. We want to see him apply the minilessons more into his writing, along with taking the information we give him in a conference and use it. We also have been encouraging him to use his inventive spelling and attempt to stretch the word out, as opposed to just writing without stretching the sounds out.


Troy has done well adjusting to Math Workshop. He has been able to increase his fact fluency when making 10 and doubles facts. The reading portion of Math is challenging for Troy and he often will just start solving the problem without reading the problem.


We are working with Troy in the area of motivation and actively participating throughout the day! We are encouraging him to always to his best and try again even when something is challenging.

Please check his folder and book bog for assignments. He should be reading EVERY night for 20mins!