the gifts of autumn

conduit for change fall 2015

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Hello and Happy Autumn!

I'm grateful for the change of sunlight this season brings, the crunch of leaves underfoot, the special opportunity in each day to reach out to friends and family to celebrate the sacredness of life itself. I'm also grateful for the opportunity to write this newsletter, which calls for time to reflect on how much has unfolded over the months and to share with you. What are you grateful for?

Each Conduit for Change newsletter highlights gifts and mindfulness practices of the new season. You'll get a chance to learn, be inspired, bring something new into practice and note what's upcoming. Enjoy!

Upcoming ...

WISDOM CIRCLE: The Mindful, Heart-Centered Professional's Life-line to Success
Welcome to the only Coaching Circle for Mindful, Heart-Centered Professionals who care about doing great work, about being true to their vision and values, and thrive with compassionate courageous support. That's what Wisdom Circle is about. To do great work, great people need great support. Here's exactly what you've been asking for!

It's a 6-month commitment with bi-weekly meetings and accountability partnerships, rich with compassionate nudgings and creative perspective to get you powerful results!
- Feel Supported
- Gain Focus
- Get Grounded
- Have Accountability
- Build Community
- Rekindle Creativity & Inner Wisdom

What can you gain from such a commitment?
- Leverage Your Business
- Leverage Your Direction With Your Business or New Career
- Get Clear on What's Really Needed in Your Life to Move Forward
- Complete Unfinished Project(s): that book, that webinar, that course, that etc...
- Be At Peace With Who You Are, The Work You Are Doing and Where You Are Going

There are 2 WISDOM CIRCLES beginning September 23, 2015.
When would you like to join us?

  • Mornings 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • Evenings 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
  • Raleigh NC

Who are you? You are one or more of these...

  • Owners of wellness studios/practices striving to grow
  • Conscious-minded professionals with careers that don't quite match your standards
  • Curious hearts searching for what's next and where you belong in the world
  • Passionate professionals wanting to lead through a conscious-commerce model
  • Ravenous visionarys with books and Journals full of ideas ready to be launched
  • Burnt-out, over-stretched, too busy to even think about what you need

If any of these resonated with you... YOU ARE HOME, join us. We're glad you're here!


gifts of Autumn

The season of Autumn brings the unique gifts of downward and inward movements, letting go, awe, inspiration, acknowledgement, pruning what's no longer needed, sacredness, rhythm and breath.

Through the season of Autumn, also known as the Metal element, we are reminded to let go, leave room and honor what's here. These practices come through the Chinese Five Elements philosophy of Wu Xing (wŭ ching) which are "primarily concerned with process and change".

To fully take these gifts into practice, consider asking yourself these questions...

~ "Where am I most inspired and in awe of life?"

~ "What old story may I let go of?"

~ "What's my core values I operate from?"

Raise your own standards

Recently, a client I serve through team-building and coaching commented on how profound her experience has been with me. She said this, "Before I worked with you I was a mom, a wife and a business owner who ran myself into the ground. Now I'm a grounded woman who's running a business, being a good mom and wife. I found myself again, and that's priceless."

I notice time and time again how people get lost in the shuffle of 'to-do's'. They actually loose contact with what's human about being human- they become a human doing. If you relate to this story, I invite you to rekindle your relationship to being a human being again. What's to gain? YOU!

If you're a leader, entrepreneur or lover of life who's looking to improve your productivity, communication, prosperity and overall well-being, call for your complimentary coaching consultation. It may be the phone call that changes your life, forever!
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Wishing you happiness, peace & prosperity!

Annelies M. Gentile, MA, ACC

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