The 3 regions

by jonah george

the southern colonies

the southern colonies are made of Virginia, Mary land, N. Carolina, S. Carolina and Georgia of ran of farming and plantations the southern colonies had warm years and short winters they had very fertile soils the southern colonies had lots of slaves to run the plantation the Southern Colonies made almost no trades except for slaves they ran a a plantation economy

The New England colonies

The new England region has four colonies Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode island and Connecticut this region runs on fishing for whales and small fish they use wood to build boats to fish for food they may do a little farming but not much because the climate is cold with long winter and the soil is not fertile

the middle region

the middle region was made up of new York, Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania they had a very agricultural economy the middle colonies produced so much grain they were could the bread basket the climate was great for farming there were short winters and hot days with very fertile soil making farming easy the middle colonies also had lots of cattle and pigs to take care of and use for another resource