Patrick Henry, Revolutionary Orator

Enrique Arellano 8th period 4-28-16

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Patrick Henry (1736 - 1799)


Patrick Henry was a revolutionary with an exponential voice. "Give me liberty or give me death!" (Patrick Henry) These words were the foundation of the United States' strength to rebel against the British and gain our freedom.

Importance in American history

Henry is one of the biggest revolutionaries that are never mentioned. he's mostly only known because of his speech "Liberty Or Death"(1775). Even though the speech is mainly the only thing he's known for, he is still an extraordinary American. Henry was born in a farmhouse named "Studly" on May 29, 1736, on a Tuesday

Henry was a born Orator when he was younger he used his powerful voice to become a strong lawyer. This soon led to him writing for the American Revolution. His very famous speech "Liberty or Death" was given on 1775 at the Virginia convention, This is the literature that gave the colonists the strength to fight back and realize that the British do not control them and that they deserve freedom. Henry later became the first Governor of Virginia in 1776.

End of Life

Henry, later on, passed away on June 6, 1799, in Virgina. He would always be remembered as the man with a powerful voice full of ambition, and courage

Birth of Patrick Henry

Monday, May 6th 1799 at 12am

Studley, VA, United States

Studley, VA

Interesting facts about Patrick Henry

  • He was a Farmer,Lawyer, Orator, and a politician
  • Anti-federalist
  • Went to 2 different churches as a child. Angelic with his Father and Presbyterian with his Mother
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