Tour of becoming an Author!

What it takes to become an excellent book writer!

Where do you start?

Book writers always explain what theme and point-of-view they want. They also need to tell themselves what book they are writing about. In order to be a writer, or narrator, they need to train and go to classes about being a good writer. The education of being a author is to have a Law Degree, and a Master's Degree.


Authors have ranges of workplace environments. Some work in a private comfy rooms such as offices, and some work in quiet rooms. Sometimes they travel in another area. However, they find their material in library, internet browsers, or phone interviews.

Typical Work Activities

  • Rewrite(edit/Adapt) material for changed formats
  • maintaining active interests in genre, such as novels, film, TV, radio
  • teaching in higher and further education and privately

How much Salary you would have?

They actually make an average salary like:

5 books x 5,000 copies = 25,000 books

25,000 books x $.70 = $17,500

Some Successful Authors!