LGBT Discrimation

By Amora Sutton

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Who, What, When, Where, Why Event?

The Governor of North Carolina passed a LGBT bill on March 23, 2016. This crucial bill divided their society.
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Perspective 1 media portrayed event

New York Time stated in their article that it started a backlash in North Carolina that discriminated sexual preference. This Started an up roar and now businesses are pulling their companies out of certain states to avoid gays and conflict. Paypal they are pulling out 3.6 million out their business because they do not agree with this bill.
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Perspective #2 media event

The Washington Post convey In there article that North Carolina passed and signed into law a bill that the most extreme anti LGBT measure in the country. This law limits what bathrooms that transgenders can use. These actions did not just hurt by discrimination, but hurt their society. This also divided their society and made a huge impact on the LGBT community.
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Media Bias

Media used bias photo by utilizing captions, angles and unflattering ways.The North Carolina act was an act that allow transgender or other use public bathroom based on their identity. Some people thinks it is a good. The Senate president pro stated this is crazy, a violation of freedom,, religion and put woman and children endanger. He Also stated it's is absurd that grown men will share bathrooms, locker rooms with women. i saw how signs in widows that transgender people will get yelled at or get beat up. Also I the media portray transgenders as alien and did not allow them to shop or welcome into to stores/community. This massive media act is impacting not just people in their society but children in school in North Carolina,
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This is cultural criticism because in our society does not accept transgender yet. They believe is if your born a man your a man and if your a woman your a woman. Our society treats transgender people like aliens some people do not even accept them. Also it is cultural because because this was all establish since the beginning of time.
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This is also Marxist because they think we are better than transgenders. Plus they do not like people that are different. This shows the haves which are those in the heterosexual community with the rights and the have nots are those in the LGBT community without equal rights. In other words a heterosexual can get married with not problem but a gay couple can he married and get harassed, made fun of or get bullied.