Container Home Project

The Process

Sketches and Bubble Diagrams

I made a two story container house, where the upstairs is all master bedroom/ master bath. The downstairs is divided between bedroom space and kitchen/ living areas. The office area doubles as a guestroom.

Original Sketchup diagrams

AutoCAD drawings

Final Sketchup diagrams

Home Location and Reflection

My container home would be located in Florida because I like the humidity and it's close to a large body of water which is good for the roof greenhouse (not shown on the final Sketchup pictures). I really enjoyed this container home virtual building process because we got to start from scratch on paper, and build from it, eventually making it to the final 3D process, where I could put all of my ideas about my house in a 3D diagram. It was neat to see how my house plan would look like if it was really built. My program crashed several times, making it difficult for me to continue editing my house. Also, I had drawn the floor plan on AutoCAD with 2" walls instead of 4" walls and this made it difficult for me to convert dimensions when I moved to the Sketchup.

Julyn Cross

Principals of Architecture and Construction

Period 5