Principal Leander's RCS Newsletter

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RCS Week in review- Math

In grade 6, the students continued to work diligently in math as they prepare for the upcoming state testing, this week the students worked on solving fractions while reviewing range, mode , median, and mean! In grade 5 students focused on gathering ideas for ways to compute area, perimeter, width and height. Mr. Hains also challenged the students to show how a problem can have more than technique to solve the problem. Grade 3 performed a quadrilateral sort without speaking. When I watched them you could really see their ability to identify the aspects of the shapes. In grade 2, the students worked with base 10. Mrs. Carnie and Mrs. Divoll really increased student excitement of learning as the students rolled dice, computed equations, and exchanged using base 10 manipulatives.

RCS Reads

In grade 4, the students worked on stop and jot with Mrs. Knetchel. In her whole group focus lesson students were shown how to use the author's inferences from their story to draw a picture of the main character. "Make sure you provide evidence." In Kindergarten, Mrs. Willhite's Daily 5 routine showcased students reading, writing, and building words. Other students in her group listened to stories on the kindles and worked on their popcorn words.

RCS- Did you know.......Grade 1

In grade 1, Mrs. Drouin had the students researching local animals. I cannot tell you how excited they were to share their favorite fact with me.

RCS student amazes at MWCC....

Our own sixth grade student, Bella, amazed all of us last Friday as the entire school enjoyed the presentation of Pinocchio. Her dedication to complete all her school work and practice for the play was incredibly evident as she never missed a step while on stage. Bella you represent stead everything that RCS is all about and we are so proud of you!

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