What's Happening at School?

Graettinger-Terril/Ruthven-Ayrshire Schools December Edition

Writing at GT/RA

Classrooms were busy writing this month as students prepared for the holiday season and semester tests. Teachers work to incorporate writing into daily activities at GT/RA. Writing improves communication skills, helps to review and remember material, assesses student learning, and encourages creativity, exploration, and self-understanding. This month's edition of What's Happening at School? will highlight some of our writing.
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Mrs. Bauermeister's 3rd Grade wrote about the Best Gifts......

Mrs. Jacobson's First Grade Writing

A bulletin board proudly displays the work of first grade writing about a book that the students have read.
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GT Juniors Learn About Tone in Literature

Ms. Graettinger discusses tone in poetry. Students then looked at the persuasive essays that they wrote to determine the tone that came through based on their voice. Some topics that were chosen by the juniors included pet adoption and puppy mills, graffiti vs vandalism, abortion, joining 4-H, stress relief, students playing sports, and do grades really determine your intelligence?
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Mrs. Hersom's First Grade Writing

The first grade students have written a couple different types of writing following reading the story of the Gingerbread Man.
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Writing during Guided Reading

Mrs. Schnell has her students take notes from the story as they read using a writing prompt such as B-M-E (beginning, middle, end), Problem-Solution, SWBS (somebody, wanted, but, so), cause-effect, problem-solution, or V.I,P (the very important part). From those notes students will write a response to the story.
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7th Grade Social Studies

Mrs. Goodchild's 7th grade students looked at problems that could occur for cities and states. Students drew posters and shared their solutions to these problems.
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Anatomy & Physiology dissected sheep hearts during their unit on the cardiovascular system.

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GT 7th Grade Math

Mrs. Giese's 7th grade students learned about distributive property. They then got to enjoy Chex Mix as it was distributed to each student's cup.
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GT 3rd Graders Write Elf Applications

Unified Science

Mrs. Jeffrey's modeled the exchange of energy by placing Isopropyl Alcohol inside a pop bottle. Students then drew and labeled a diagram to show the different types of energy.
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Ms. William's preschool students write letters in pink shaving cream.

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Sixth Grade Family Consumer Science Exploratory

Mrs. Myers had the RA sixth grade students write children's books. The first grade students then enjoyed listening as the 6th graders read their stories.

Mrs. Knaak's Kindergarten Writers

Mrs. Knaak has the RA kindergarten students publishing books. The students have written class books about their families and how to get to town. The students enjoy reading about their classmates when finished!

Mrs. Smith practices sight words playing tic-tac-toe with first grade students.

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Touching Spirit Bear

Mrs. Kirk's students read touching Spirit Bear by Ben Mikalesen. The story is about a boy who overcomes events of violence by being sent to a remote Alaskan island to focus on changing his ways. Projects about the book were done when the students finished reading. Totem Poles were made by several students.

Mr. Clouse Explains Radio Balance Patterns to the Kindergarten Students

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The GT 5th Grade Band Practice with Ms. Doerder

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Ms. Magana has her Spanish 1 students play Headbands to learn Spanish terms.