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my name is Miei.I write about my culture. I was born in Thailand Ban Nai Soi Village. I starting school when i was 4 years old. I like to play soccer. There are 3 people in my family. Now i have been in united state 1 years. I am studying in F.L Schlagle high school. i am grade 9. I want to be coach. Because i like to play soccer and I want to teach other people.
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Entering Class: They will come in the classroom put all their stuff inside their cubby's and get ready for the day. Existing Class- They will clean up what they were doing ( all materials put away) get their coats and bags on and the quietest table gets to leave first. Electronics- No electronics allowed out unless instructed. Absent- They will have folders so they will know what they missed that day. Clean Up- Your area must be cleaned up before leaving, snack time, etc. Asking for help- Signals assigned for each thing

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