The sky is filled with technology

Important information

In the year 3507 our city Unitopia the population of 2 million. The method of transportation is a hover-car each family is equipped with one. Our food is all the best quality in the entire world you will be healthy your entire life. Our dwellings have been created by the best architects in the city we believe all our citizens will enjoy the city. Our city is called Uni-topia because it is the only large city left in North America it is located in California.

Unitopia's Flag and motto

Our flag as you see below is represented by our hover-car and the colours green and red to celebrate the most important celebration of the year samtsirhc. Our motto is "The sky is filled with technology. Unitopia has the world's most advanced technology. This makes everything much easier to do.
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Each morning you get breakfast which is composed of eggs, bacon, bread, french toast and pancakes or waffles. For lunch you get chicken, salad and a baguette sandwich. For dinner you get steak with mashed potatoes and beans, for desert you get a deep fried banana sundae.

Your family dwelling

The dwellings are very luxurious and big. Each family has 3-4 people living in the dwelling.

You have a place to relax outside a nice pool that is very refreshing in the hot summer we have in the city, in the winter we have a indoor hot tub. Your dwelling has 3-4 rooms. each room has there own washroom that includes: toilet,shower, and a vanity sink. All families have at least one desk for educational purposes or business.

Our history

We started of like a village we located ourselves in the old capital of North America. There was no city just remains of ruins blown up by a nuclear war. Russia fired a new kind of bomb that can blow up anything in space. They blew up the sun, luckily there was a force field that protected the humans. Now we live in peace and harmony. Our great supreme leader had started to build a magnificent city filled with wonder,excitement and joy. This is where this city known as Unitopia came to life.

Daily Schedule

8:30 am (Waked up by the massage bed)

9:00 am (breakfast drops from dispenser)

10:00 am (hover-car charged ready to go to school)

10:30 am (jobs and classes start)

11:00 am (lunch is served)

1:00 pm (classes and jobs resume)

4:00 pm (school and jobs end hover-cars pick you up)

5:00 pm (dinner drop from dispenser)

6:00 pm (free time)

9:00 pm (bedtime)

Social classing

In our city we have different ways of classing. The lower classes are servants, average citizens, transportation driver (if you own one) and the cooks. These are the less important classes in the city.

The medium classes are: rich citizens, business man/women, police, architect and engineer these are the medium class they play an important role in this city.

The high classes are: doctor, lawyer, and judge they keep order and all the citizens healthy in the city.

The government class is the most important role in the city: senators, governors, the vice-leader, the council of 10 and the supreme leader. They make all the laws make changes and improvements to the city.

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