Raymonds Run

By: Toni Bambara Created By: Tyshawn Mcnary

Why i Love Raymonds run

In the story “Raymond’s Run” the author, Toni Cade Bambara, is trying to say that if you have a birth defect or not you still can be a normal person. Squeaky always look out for her big brother Raymond, because as she always said that “he’s not quite right” (23). Squeaky is not happy about the things people have to say about her brother such as calling him big head. If there’s anybody wants to talk about Raymond, they would have to go through Squeaky, who is not into a lot of talking. She said “ I much rather just knock you down and take my chances, and if things get too rough, I run”. She has to make sure that Raymond doesn’t go out into the street or play in the mud. So far she has done a great job, by taking care of her brother.

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i am a champion!

I am a winner because if i win then i can believe in myself and accomplish my goals that i may have from time to time !!

I have to gain confidence and keep trying like they say practice makes perfect!!