By Brooklyn

Armadillos life

What do armadillos eat?

armadillos can get food pretty fast,but looking for food is hard work for an armadillo.Did you know that armadillos can smell there food about 8 inches underground? Thats pretty far down.Although digging for food is hard work they sure do like there food when they get it .Armadillos eat there prey live.Lots of the bugs they eat are pests such as grubs, termights, fire ants, ants, beatles, worms and many others. You might want to fence in your yard because they sure do make a mess when digging for food.

where do armadillos live?

armadillos live in many different places.They mostly live in warm places. Armadillos like warm places because even though they have have thick skin it does not mean they like the cold,so they live in warm places such as north amarica, south amarica, arganteana and almost anyware with a desert. An armadillo digs a whole a hole to keep warm during night. Armadillos can live an almost any place when it is summer. who knows there might even be one in your back yard

How do armadillos pretect themselves?

although armadlillos are ferce creatures they still do have many different enemeis. Did you know that only some armadillos can fit in there shells they have to be small like the pink fairy armadillo, but the armadillos that cant fit well they usaly hide and go camouflage but, some times they go and dig a whole. Did you know that an whole has many uses for a whole.An armadillos life expancy is about 12-15 years because of humans trying to trap them and kill them because they dig holes. A armadillos worst eneme is actually the cold,that is why they dig holes.

fun facts about armadillos

Did you know that armadillos have over 20 species who knows there might even be more someday. They came from texas in the18,00.They are related to sloths and ant eaters, they weigh about 12-17 pounds./ Although armadillos are cute there species are threatend.An armadillo is the only mammel with a shell. most people think armadillos do not have teeth but they actualy do they just do not use them that often. They walk one mile per hour and that is pretty slow