My Year at a Glance

Blake Beal

Year at a Glance

I have learned alot this year, not just education wise but life wise as well. Ive been faced with many trials and have grown from them. I have grown from the shy guy to more out-going and out-spoken. I landed my first official job on a payroll and aquired a license. My skills in guitar have grown quite a bit as well. Im thankful God has kept me and others safe this year as well has healthy. It was a good year.

About Me

I have grown alot. From the shy guy to outgoing and outspoken, there has been alot of change in my personality. I used to watch people make the witty comments and say the funny things, now I am too. Im participating alot more now. I played football this year as linebacker and wide receiver. I also strum the guitar, and if you ask me I think Im pretty good at it.

Dream Vacation

I would love to go to anywhere in Europe. The whole contient is awesome (Besides France). From England to Italy, I want to see it all. Just going biking across the different countries would be really cool.

Advice for Incoming Sophmores

Dont freak out basically. Its not as hard as you think it is, but you will still have to work. As long as you do your homework and study, this really isnt that hard of a class. In fact, none of the classes are hard as long as you do the work and study. Its just another year, no different than freshman year was.
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