Character Texturing And Rendering

By: Madison deBoer

Base Mesh Renders

Pre-Visualization Playblast

Pre-vis Render

Example Playblast

I chose to present my model in this way because I could not get the camera to cooperate or work in any other way.

Color Pallet

Big image

Lighting Style Examples

Texture Examples

Final Render

Playblast Character


I had a few challenges with this assignment when it came to rendering it. I tried to batch render it but you could not see my lighting in the batch render, so I tried batch rendering each frame manually and had the same issue. So I just playblasted it, you can't really see my bump mapping because its playblasted though. I also had some issues with the camera, it was not cooperating at all. It looks ver bumpy and spins a lot and I tried to fix it for hours, but could not get it to work even when using motion paths. If I could do anything differently I would try and find a way that I could batch render this assignment rather than playblast it, because playblast is very low quality compared to a batch render.