Digital Citizenship Project

Tyler R.

What is Digital Citizenship and Why is it important?

Digital Citizenship is your reputation on the web. If you post something bad on the web you can lose a job opportunity. This can also happen if you are in the background of a picture with something bad like for example beer. The thing is everything you search or even type in a search bar is being recorded. You can lose a job by leaving a hateful comment on a picture on instagram or video on youtube. The reason it is important to not post anything bad is because, you can be judged for what you post. Like if you post a picture of you smoking everyone will hate you. In conclusion don't do anything or say anything that you wouldn't say in real life

Rule 1: Digital Etiquette

My rule is that treat people on the web like you would in real life. What I mean is don't be hateful to others on the web. The reason this is my rule is because, you don't want a collage teacher to see you being hateful to someone on youtube. Then you wont go to that college.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Rule: Don't put private information online and ask parent before buying anything on the web. My reason why is because, predators can find you and spammers can send spam mail in your email and annoy you or get a virus on you PC. So don't go through the worries of someone stalking you and don't give out personal/private information online.

Rule 3: Social Networking

Rule: Don't post anything online that is embarrassing or personal.My reason why you shouldn't do this is because, in. the future your career can get ruined if you post something inappropriate or humiliating.

Rule 4: Online Safety

Rule: Follow the five rules of online safety. The reason is that you can be safe from strangers or predators. For example a kid gives his name out to a online friend. Let's call the kid Toby and the friend Gabe. Gabe tricks Toby to give out his address to the public and now everyone finds Toby. So do't ever give out any info to people you don't know in real life.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Rule: Try not to be a bully online or in real life. What seems to be a harmless joke to you can have effects that ruin people's lives. Most people who have been bullied have physical effects like nausea.Some have emotional problems by being bullied. Some bullies can be stopped by simply standing up for the victim. If you see bullying on the web stand up for the victim.

Rule 6: Plagiarism

Rule:After copying something put who wrote it in the bottom or make a bibillo page saying where you got the information. This is important because you could fail a class or something worse. You can paraphrase instead of copying but, make it look like you didn't reword the sentence

Rule 7: Copyright

Rule: Ask the creator of anything that is copyrighted before using it. This is important because, you can get sued from using someone else's picture or photo. You can make a parody where you take someone's work and change it so it becomes yours.