A changing Society, A Modern World

By:Ashton Torrey

The War Ends/the GI Bill of Rights and a Changing America

  • Henry W. Colmery was from Kansas. He was a national commander of the American Legion. He also wanted to help World War I veterans.
  • Colmery wrote the GI Bill of Rights, the GI Bill of Rights changed America.

We Like Ike: A Kansan in the White House

  • One of Eisenhower's strengths was ability to get long with both political parties. For this reason both republican's and Democratic wanted him to be president of the United States.
  • Eisenhower was elected with 55% of the popular vote. America had a new president, and he was a Kansan!

Eisenhower's America

  • In the 1950's, more people were moving out in the suburbs. In Johnson County, the population quadrupled as residents of Kansas City moved in to the suburbs. Good roads and a interstate made living in he suburbs livable.
  • Americans wanted peace and prosperity, and Eisenhower gave it to them.

The 1951 Flood

  • Kansas weather is always unpredictable. The heavy rains of 1951 were extreme and dangerous. Strong storms caused the worst floods Kansas has seen since becoming a state.
  • The floods killed 19 people and hundreds more injured. The property damage was great. Many roads and rail roads were closed.