Delaney & The 3

By Chelsey

Delaney M. & The 3

Once upon a time there was a goddess named Delaney She had 3 best friends. Delaney Chelsey & Addison W. They all lived in the same tree house. Delaney M. can control the world & shoot out water. she also solves crimes. She is very very nice and kind.

She wears a blue uniform every day. she is pale, blueish greenish eyes, & nike shoes. She loves to play with her friends. She carries a big bag with her.

One day Delaney had to solve a crime in a kingdom in Counts city . the robber took most of the most valuable stuff i0n there. Then she had to go to a jai0l in Dictionary City. someone had gotten out of jail & is stealing everything in sight. Delaney called Delaney & Addison but not Chelsey , because she had other stuff to do. Then they came back but Chelsey Wasn't there. Delaney said, “Look there's a note.” S they went to read it. It said,”I’m going back to my real house so don’t come to my house. It feels like you don’t want me anymore so I’m going t my house.” P.S. “ Please don’t bother me or look for me.” So they didn’t go look for her. She came back a week later . ‘ Why did you leave us,” asked Addy? “Because I thought you guys didn’t like me anymore,” explained Chelsey. “Oh” they all said. “Well are we friends again,” asked Chelsey “Yes” they all said.

And they lived happily ever after!