Organelle Wanted Poster

By: Jacob Hardee & Kyle Brown


  • This is a dense organelle bounded by a double membrane containing the genetic material for the cell.
  • You can find this organelle in the center of most eukaryotic cells.


  • These are the protein synthesizers of the cell. They connect amino acids into long chains forming proteins.
  • They're located in both prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells near the nucleus.


  • Their main role is to conduct photosynthesis in the cell by converting radiant energy from the sun into cellular energy from glucose.
  • You can find these green organelles in plant cells.


  • These organelles take nutrients and break them down, making energy for the cell and are responsible for cellular respiration and deal air and water in the cell.
  • They are located in both plant and animal cells.

Plasma Membrane

  • This is the boundary between the cell and its environment and regulates the substances that come through.
  • Located around cell wall of all cells.

Cell Wall

  • Keeps everything in the cell hostage so it can not escape.
  • You will find the cell wall on the outside of plant cells.


  • Thick solution of water, salts, and proteins that fills the cells and carries around the goods.
  • This is located in all eukaryotic cells, inside the cell membrane.

Golgi body

  • This is a packaging organelle that takes big molecules and either stores them for later use or sends them out of the cell.
  • This is located in most eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells.


  • These organelles are the storage place for the goods in the cell.
  • They are located in both plant and animal cells.
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Endoplasmic Reticulum

  • The ER functions as a manufacturing and packaging unit of the goods.
  • Rough ER is important in the synthesis and packaging of proteins.
  • Smooth ER is important for the creation and storage of lipids and steroids.
  • It is found in both plant and animal cells.
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