Twitter & Your Classroom

Part II of Twitter @ BHS Series

Now that you're using Twitter for a PLN, why not use it in your classroom?

Ideas for Twitter in Your Classroom

  • Make Announcements
  • Give Immediate Feedback
  • Ask & Answer Questions
  • Share Useful Links
  • Write a Review of Content/Book/Lesson
  • Summarize Information Learned
  • Poll Your Students

—Create a hashtag–and then let your students know to tweet questions using the hashtag. That way you, or another classmate can answer those questions

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Twitter Exit Slips

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Twitter in Language Arts

Correct the grammar/spelling of celebrity tweets

Analyze popular tweets for bias

Tweet from a character's point of view

Tweet directly with an author

Identify five ways tone can be conveyed in a tweet

Start an open-ended discussion with a ?

Daily Vocab Tweet - Integrate into instruction

Write a progressive poem

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Communicate with other classrooms all over the world

Host live chats during important news events

Trace geography of viral tweets using trends map

Create an account for a historical figure and tweet/debate from his/her perspective

Hold a Twitter debate

Today in History...

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Twitter- Math & Science

Live tweet a famous scientist

Follow industry experts

Analyze current Twitter trends/data

Teach probability with hashtags

Post math puzzles

Spark interest in real world applications

Play with TweetStats

Take a picture of a math problem and tweet it

Share a science photo

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Twitter in Electives:


Encourage students to use language in real conversation that you just taught them in your Spanish or French class. Split them up into small groups or partners and have them create a dialogue that you can later examine as a group and learn from each other’s mistakes.


Have students search for art concepts in everyday life. Ask them to take pics and tweet them using your #tag. Examine the findings during class.


Use Twitter to reach out to medical professionals. Connect students with medical experts.

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Ways to Display Tweets:

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Use TwitterFall to quickly display LIVE tweets of your classroom's hashtags!
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