Manifest Destiny

How America Expanded Westward

The West

Why Did They Move?

Many people that settled out west went to find economic opportunities, mostly in agriculture. The government at the time gave land grants to those to moved west to promote the population of these areas.


Many railroads were being built from the east coast to more western territory to help with migration to new opportunities.

The Annexation of Texas

Many American settlers moved into Texas, which at the time was controlled by Mexico. Eventually America fought Mexico for control of this territory, and eventually won, gaining Texas, as well as territories that are present day California, Utah, Arizona, and parts of Colorado and New Mexico.
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Impact on the Native Americans

Since the idea of "Manifest Destiny" was giving early settlers an excuse to push out Native Americans from their homes. Many battles were fought between the settlers and the natives and many lives were lost on both sides.

In The South

The Cotton Gin

Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin helped spread a slaved based economy and created the "Cotton Kingdom" in the deep south.

Review Questions

What was the march called where many Indians died during this 800 mile trip?

What was "Manifest Destiny"?

Why did most settlers move west?

Who was the president during this time?

Which two (2) ideals helped push America to the west?