Instructional Media Syllabus

EDSC 3250


I am so excited to explore, create, collaborate, and learn with you. I am passionate about helping you reach your students in ways that build relationships, create character, and expand minds. I believe that technology has the power to help us do that. Regardless of how much we know or don't know about using technology in the classroom, as collaborators, we we learn and build together.

The goal for this course is to integrate information and communication technologies into 7-12 classroom curriculum and to prepare future teachers to use technologies to differentiate their instruction to meet the needs of all students. Technology will be used to revitalize pedagogy and provide teachers with the ability to develop lesson activities to utilize in the classroom so that students will make meaningful connections in their learning process and develop 21st Century learning skills.

Course Methodology

I could build beautiful PowerPoints and stand in front of the classroom telling you step-by-step where to move your mouse on the computer screen, but I realize that many of you will be bored to tears and several of you will be struggling to follow along. This class isn't about me, it's about you connecting with your students. Therefore, you will be doing a lot of self-paced learning at home. In class, we will mostly be having collaborative discussions and working on projects designed to address students and student learning.

Course Requirements

  • There is no required text for this class. You will however have articles to read, videos to watch, and websites to explore in preparation for our learning experience in class. This is an intense Summer course. You should expect to spend two hours of your own time outside of class for every hour of class.
  • You will need extensive access to a computer and the internet outside of class.
  • You should bring some type of storage device every day (usb, hard drive, cloud access, etc.)
  • You are responsible to remember all of your usernames and passwords, and there will be many. I recommend an app that will store them for you.
  • You will need a headset/microphone.
  • Spirit of discovery!
Computer Lab Safety & Etiquette Rules
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This type of classroom environment thrives on your presence. Your peers rely on your collaborative input and feedback. This course is only eight weeks long and it moves quickly, please make every effort to be here. To understand technology you must take responsibility for your own learning and participate as an active learner. The best way to learn what teachers do with technology is by doing it. Attendance and participation in classroom activities will account for 25% of your overall grade. You should also note that on June 14th and 16th class will not be formally held, but you will have online work that needs to be completed.


In this course we will be dedicating a lot of time to building projects to invigorate your classrooms. There are several small projects embedded into a few large projects. Preparation for these projects begins at home with articles, video's, and exploration, and is sometimes paired with a quiz. These along with all of the projects will account for 75% of your grade.

Units of Instruction

During our time together, we will be focusing on the following major projects:

  • Tool Reflections
  • Google Tools
  • Digital Storytelling (Key Assignment)
  • Learning Management Systems
  • WebQuests
  • Flipped Classrooms

Students Needing Accessibility

Please notify me if you have special needs that I can address in any way and I will make every effort to accommodate them. Further, The Utah Valley University seeks to provide equal access to its programs, services and activities for people with disabilities. If you will need accommodations in the class, reasonable prior notice needs to be given to the Office of Accessibility Services (BU 146) to make arrangements at (801) 863-8747. The Office of Accessibility Services will work with you to arrange for accommodations.

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