Ms. Carissa's First Grade Classroom

Room number 101

A little about Ms. Carissa

Welcome to First Grade! I am looking forward to meeting and learning about each and every child!

I do not have any children; however, I do have a Yorkie named Auto and a cat named Lucille that are my babies. I am very close to my family, Mom, dad, sister, brother in-law and nephew. Just this past year 6 new babies have been born into our family with one still on the way!

I am working towards an Associates degree in Early Childhood Development. I have previously taught preschool and infants and toddlers. I love using a creative curriculum and letting the children grow, learn and be themselves.

Some of our future projects

Lunch for September 7-September 11

Monday- No School!

Tuesday- Mexican black beans and sprouted corn tortilla, cucumber, raisins, banana mini muffin, and milk

Wednesday- Pumpkin seed and jam sandwich, broccoli, orange, apple carrot mini muffin, and milk

Thursday- Hummus and seed cracker, spinach, berries, chocolate avocado pudding, and milk

Friday- Red lentil and Kale quesadilla, roasted seaweed, banana, black bean brownie, and milk

Upcoming Dates

September 7 - Closed

September 17- Picture day!

October 30- End of first quarter

Classroom Expectations

  • Be respectful of yourself, others and objects.

  • If you got it out, please put it away.

  • Help one another.

  • Be safe! (Feet on the floor, Walk, Nice touches)

  • Inside Voices

How to help your child

  • Stay involved!! Always feel free to contact me phone, email or in person!
  • Encourage your child to talk about his/her day
  • Help your child with his/her homework every night!
  • Make sure your child is getting plenty of sleep and is ready for school each day
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