Trusts Wrecker

William Howard Taft

Who is he?

William Howard Taft is considered as the Trust Wrecker, due to the fact that he provided more efficient administration that is within the existence of the reform policy towards the "prosecution of antitrust violations".
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Why be against it, when you can make a change?

- Trusts Wrecker

Power Digger

The issues with trusts is mainly the Power Digger. Mainly for the citizens, for each and every one of them had to pay a price for living. Moreover, that is why this is the evil nemesis, the Power Digger, it's driven through taking control of a citizen's daily values. Making the rich astonishly richer than they should be, and the poor is poorer.

  • Regulation of public utillities
  • Acquired the Sixteenth Admendment (collecting taxes)
  • Railroad rate control
  • Imports on goods and its prices were increasing drastically
  • Direct primary law (popular vote could nominate candidates for office)

Slick Tar

Slick Tar, as Ida Tarbell, is considered as an inside person that would rather much enhance Trusts Wrecker to a better position within the antritrusts violation. In a way of, investigating her way into of the modern times as a journalists. Having said, in 1904, The History of the Standard Oil Company, was listed as No. 5 by 1999 and that she detailed the abuses that occurred within the Standard Oil. Along with the fact, that the company was trying to eat up citizens money and its "bogus", causing the company to be broken into three companies. It all started, because her father was being forced to be out of the business by John D. Rockefeller.

Trusts Wrecker vs. Power Digger

The Trusts Wrecker's way of defeating to what Power Digger has done, was that he won the lawsuit that was against the American Sugar Refining Company. which breaks the "sugar trust" by which had problems with its prices. On top of it, he then break up the U.S. Steel, due to his "lack of insight -the good and bad trusts". In addition, breaking up the U.S. Steel was on of the ways to stop occurrance that the Sherman Act was trying to stir up.