Enhance Your Photography with the Advanced Drones Technology

Airlift Drones is a company that specializes in distribution and online selling of advanced drones with camera for taking snaps or video. These products have gained widespread popularity in the fields of filmmaking, journalism, sports, adventure and real estate where the user makes photos and videos from positions difficult to access positions. The company has endeavored in dealing with camera drones of different brands using innovative and advanced technology.

Some of our products include the gyro Quadcopter Drone, RC quad-copter drone, the horizon spy drone and the 3D roll quadcopter. The various models have been offered to serve a wide range of applications and features with enhanced functionality and performance in special conditions.

Camera drones from Airlift are designed for all round maneuverability as well as 3D photography. They are battery operated with a user-friendly remote control utilizing 2.4 G technology. The company is managed by a highly qualified team of staff able to cater great technology toys at affordable prices and aims to advance in provision of world-class drones, while maintaining very high quality and efficiency. Our core values are quality and customer satisfaction.

To cater the better service to our customers, our website displays our products and guide you the variety of drone features and capabilities.

With the rapid development of the media industry, we have positioned ourselves for local supplies as well as international orders and created a fast and efficient procurement process.

Drones for the Real Estate
The only way to stay on top in the real estate is to remain as visible as possible. Aerial pictures of properties shown to prospective buyers will get you ahead of the competition due to the spectacular display of property. The Quad-copter drone can be efficiently operated to capture all views and a good presentation can be made.

How to Fly the Horizon Spy Drone
Operating Horizon Spy drone is a very user-friendly process. The equipment has a stabilization system that makes the camera drone hover at a particular position until further commands are given. Images from the camera are rapidly transferred to the controller so that “you see what the camera sees” and can take photos as you move on.

Discoveries Using the Bird Eye View
The bird’s eye view reveals features that may be difficult to conceptualize with the mind. Aerial surveys, sporting action, as well as recording of nature require using the gyro quad-copter drone. This affordable drone has a real time WIFI video transmission and a user-friendly controller giving you the best photos.

The quad drone with camera may be linked with the Smartphone so that photos are directly available on the smart phone as well. With this technology, displays can be done online and photos sent to buyers as need arise.

Airlift Drones have gained popularity in supply of the best quadcopter drones as well as other specialized aerial photography drones. The company has also maintained very high quality of products and the customer service is the best.