Guide to Connecticut Colony

Nadine Grant

Dear Kit,

So you are moving to Wethersfield, Connecticut. This town is inhabited by puritans and you ought to learn the proper way to behave. If you want to stay in Wetherfield without getting into any trouble, you ought to follow this guide.

How To Avoid Being Hung

  • Don't swim! Witches float in the water, so if you float that means you are a witch.
  • Don't hang out with any people thought to be a witch, it will only ruin your reputation.
  • Stay on people's good side because if they don't like you they may just accuse you of witchcraft.
  • Attend meeting and all the lectures
  • Don't wear cloaks! They are associated with witches and vampires.
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How to Blend In

  • Own and wear modest,plain clothing (refer to fashion section)
  • You must have your own bible
  • Show up to meeting on Sundays aka Sabbath
  • Show up to the Thursday lecture
  • Stay clear of the vicinity of the witch's house which is in the Meadow

Important Places

Teaching At Dame School

  • Don't reward the students for showing proper behavior
  • Follow the lesson plans to the dot
  • Teach students parts of the bible
  • Don't add personal touches to the lesson
  • In class, don't let the students act out plays
  • Always listen to Mercy
  • Give strict rules
  • Only teach the children you are assigned

What to know when at the church

  • On Sabbath, there are two church services to show up to
  • The little huts near the church are for you to stay at in between services
  • If someone you know is at the stocks near church, do not talk to them
  • There are moments where you will have to stand for long intervals of time; don't show your discomfort
  • Stay awake during the church services

How to stay on the reverend's good side

  • Reverend Gershom Bulkely is a loyalist to the core, so remain loyal to the king
  • When inviting him to your household cook many sweet foods as he enjoys them very much
  • He is a very stubborn man who does not give up on his ideas, so act as if you agree with his ideas
  • People think he is very passionate while leading church services, so if asked to comment, say he is

The Rules of Fashion

  • Wear modest clothing
  • Your clothing should be plain and simple
  • You should wear a long,loose shift that is covered by a petticoat
  • Have plain leather shoes
  • Hair should be hidden under a close fitting coif
  • Colors like black, russet,gray, brown, green, dull pale yellow, and blue are the range of colors made in New England