AISD: BOLT Employee - Introduction

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The following information takes the employee through a self-directed learning process. An employee will learn

  1. How to log in
  2. An overview of the BOLT Dashboard
  3. How to clock on/off for a regular, supplemental or split position job:
    a. Web Clock b. Wall Clock
  4. How to view your leave balances
  5. How to request time off and how to cancel requests
  6. How to view a pay stub
  7. How to go through the Open Enrollment Process in BOLT.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to view the videos below in YouTube in AISD, you will have to log into YouTube with your AISD credentials! You will be able to view the YouTube videos at home without logging in. A link to the same videos that can be viewed in a browser is provided as well.

Seeing all the different BOLT tiles in the Cloud might be confusing. This document helps explain all the different tiles and logins for each BOLT area:

1. Logging into BOLT

Currently, to log into BOLT you will have to be within an AISD facility. We are working on making home login available.

  1. Open the Chrome browser and type in '' in the address bar OR log into the Cloud ( and find the BOLT tile (not BOLT Training or BOLT Time Clock!)
  2. Username: yourAISDemailaddress OR ad\E######
    Password: Your AISD password

2. The BOLT Employee Dashboard

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Once you logged into BOLT, you will see a dashboard with icons.

  1. Edit Profile
  2. Workforce Time Management (WTM)
  3. Document Self Service (DSS)
  4. Direct Deposit
  5. Open Enrollment
  6. Life Events
  7. Staff Directory
  8. Inbasket

3. Clocking On/Off for a Regular, Supplemental or Split Position Assignment (Web and Wall Clock)

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Clocking on and off on the web clock happens in the 'Workforce Time Management' area of your dashboard.

1. Click on the 'Workforce Time Management' (WTM) button
2. The first time you log into WTM:
  • Username: E###### (Your E-number)
  • Password: ###### (Your E-number without the E)
    You will be asked to change you password. This password is only for WTM, and can be different than your AISD password!

3. To clock on for your regular job, click on 'Clock On',
to clock on for a supplemental job or split position assignment, click on 'Change Position' and click on the supplemental job or position title.

4. To clock off, click on 'Clock Off'.

5. Add a comment to your timekeeper by clicking on 'Work Schedule' on top of the page, and then selecting 'Work Exception Comments Form'. Select the date the comments are referencing and write your comment.

6. View your clock on/off time by clicking on 'Work Schedule' on top of the page, and then selecting the 'Timesheet' tab. Find the date you worked on.

For wall clock instructions, please see the wall clock tutorial >>

4. Seeing Leave Balances

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1. Log into 'Workforce Time Management' (see above for instructions)
2. Click on 'Employee Data' on top of the page, then select the 'Employee Balances' tab

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5. Requesting and Cancelling Time Off

To submit a request:

1. Log into 'Workforce Time Management' (see above for instructions on how to log in)

2. Click on 'Time Off' on the top of your page

3. Click on the start date of your leave

4. Enter 'Type', 'From' and 'To', and 'Partial Day' if applicable, then click 'OK'

5. A half red circle in front of the request on the calendar indicates the request has not been submitted yet

6. Click on 'Submit' on the bottom of the page for approval

7. After clicking on 'Submit' the circle in the front of the request will turn blue

8. When the request is approved, you will receive an email, and the circle will be green.

To cancel a request:

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 above
  2. Click on the request in the calendar
  3. Click on 'Cancel Request'
  4. Click on 'Submit'

The Approver has to approve the cancellation.

6. Viewing and Printing a Pay Stub

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1. Log into BOLT

2. Click on the 'Document Self Service' (DSS) button

3. Click on 'My Paystubs Prod' in the 'View My Documents' block on the left

4. Click on the magnifying glass icon on the right of the pay stub you want to view

5. If it does not display, make sure you do not block pop-up windows


  1. If you access DSS and close the DSS application, but remain in BOLT, you will be required to log into DSS (AISD login and password) if attempting to access a second time.
  2. DSS times out if the session remains inactive for 20 minutes. Once your DSS session expires employees are required to authenticate again, even if BOLT is still open.

7. The Open Enrollment Process

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