Anna Scott: A Writer

Reflections of 6th Grader

I'm a Writer Who

I was not as comfortable in my writing last year but by practicing over the summer got better and more confident. I love to share my writing so I can get feedback to make it better. I have trouble brainstorming what to write about so sometimes it takes me a while to get going. Writing is not my favorite subject, but sometimes it can be fun once I get going.

A Memorable Experience

Last year in 5th grade we had to write a piece called A Slice of Life. Every time I brought my piece to my teacher I had to do it all over again. The whole process felt like it took 100 years. After that experience I didn't like writing because I thought it took to long. It seemed like everything I wrote had a lot of things that were wrong with it.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

  • I would like to have a better flow with my writing.
  • I would like to understand the information in the grammar lessons better.
  • I want to write a fiction story in writing this year.

About Me

I love to do ballet and tap. My dream is to one day go to college at Julliard and then dance at a professional dance company. I have 2 brothers and my parents. I also have 3 dogs, 1 cat, 2 guinea pigs, 4 fish, and 3 chickens.