SFA Science

Week of 19 January 2016

Two for Two

Two weeks in a row with a newsletter published! Aim small, miss small, eh?

Hope everyone had a great three-day weekend. Mine was off to a great start Friday evening working along side of Jamie as we officiated the book and clock for the girl's BB tourney. We got to watch Jeff referee on the court, and witness some amazing student athletes from across the Brazos Valley play a great game of hoops. The rest of the weekend was full of futbol, football, and basketball. At least one of those will be over by the time NASCAR kicks in! Go Team Henrick!

With the short week, we have a few adjustments to make to our PLC calendar.

Tuesday - PLC will be time to plan with your grade level teams. Be sure to meet in our PLC rooms. Focus: TELPAS writing samples & developing our questioning strategy. Click here to select a time to showcase your questioning strategy talent during a quick walkthrough.

Wednesday - Grade level team meeting in the morning, department meeting after school

Thursday - PLC and sharing of student TELPAS/WAC writing examples in student journals. Please bring 5-6 student journals, including two or three of your focus ELLs' journals, to PLC.

Friday - Grade level team meeting. Hammond @BHS

Coming Up Soon!

MS Vertical Team Meeting

Monday, 25 January 2016


Davila Middle School

Be honest!

You really want to know if this will work, don't you?!

Have a Great Tuesday! I'll be in 8th grade classrooms today. Text or email if you need anything.