speggetti Tacos

by kiana


step 1:add 3 1/2 cups of water,put on heat to 7 so it doesn't over boil

step 2: dice/cut the chicken breast and put it into frying pan heat 5

step 3:once water is completely boiled put angel hair pasta in the pot let it cook for 10 minutes

step 4:place taco shelles on cookie sheet and put heat to 350 and cook them for 1o minutes

step 5: while chicken is cooking put the taco sauce over it

step 6: cut up the tomatos and grade the cheese

step 7:cook the sauce for about 5 minutes on 8 put the cover on it

step 8:once everything is done strain the noodles pour the sauce into the noodles mix it then put the spegetti in the tacos and add cheese

what you need to serve 5 people

chicken 2 breast

hard tacos 5

angel hair pasta 5 ounces

marble cheese 1 block

tomato 3/4 cups

water 3 1/2 cups

pasta sauce 1 1/4

taco seasoning mix 11 ounces