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Helpful Links - August 2022

Curriculum & More

These are resources the district has for you to use.

District Textbook Adoptions

HMH - Ed: Your Friend in Learning Textbook

Pearson Realize TEXTBOOK

Biology, Chemistry, Math Grade K-5, Science Grade K-5, Math(digits) Grade 6-8 online textbooks

Holt McDougal Online Textbook

Economics, Grade 6, 7, 8 History, Environmental Science, US History, World Geography, World History

McGraw-Hill Online Textbooks

Spanish, Algebra, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculas, IPC, MS ELA, (Study Sync) HS ELA

FrogStreet Press/ABC Mouse - Prek Adoption 2021

Curriculum Resources

Implementing TEKS Resources - Pacing Guides


Online course:

SISD staff may visit and select Shelbyville ISD in order to access the site.

Additional District Adoptions/Resources

Renaissance Learning (AR) Link (MyON) Freckle


Reading Eggs/Mathseeds (Elementary)

BookNook (ELAR)

Zearn Math

Get EPIC - Online Books

Storyline Online - Books Online


Texas Home Learning is an optional, aligned suite of resources for Texas educators in the new learning environment.

Texas Home Learning helps Texas educators to use high quality instructional materials – one of the most impactful parts of a student’s education – in virtual, in-person, and hybrid settings with professional learning and technology supports for pre-kindergarten through 12th grade.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has created optional online interim assessments that align to the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). Test questions for the STAAR Interim Assessments are developed with Texas teachers and include some former STAAR items. These assessments will be available at no cost to districts and charter schools, and they are not tied to accountability.