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April 12, 2016

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Staff Spotlight: Linda Fisk

LInda is the other half of our dynamic Payroll, Insurance, & Benefits team on 3rd floor. She has been in the district for 13 years. She can be reached by email and 489-7016. I can't link the webpages from our Staff portion of the website since that area requires a login, but if you need certain forms -- be sure to check Staff>Sign In>Payroll & Benefits. Their page has undergone a facelift to better guide you to what you need. Note -- you must be signed into your work Google account in order to view the files.

Her responsibilities include:

*For employees directly, she can help you with insurance questions, voluntary deductions, benefits, and more. For instance, if have questions about the Affordable Care Act, contact Linda.

*Insurance: She handles the 1095c forms where we waive or accept insurance from the District. She also is here to assist staff if you have questions about the flexible spending plan.

*Linda can help if you have questions regarding garnishments, child support, or other mandated deductions.

*TimeClock Plus: She is the one who can help if you have TimeClock questions.

*Just like Shawna Leeper, she can help with general payroll and benefit questions.

*A tip they both shared: if you see something in the small print from any of our insurance providers telling you to contact Human Resources (HR) with questions...well, that's not the case for us! In the Belton School District, you would contact Linda and Shawna in Payroll & Benefits instead.

Conscious Discipline Column -- from BOSCO's Betsy Warren

The top 4 things to know about the brain are:

1) The brain is pattern-seeking. If we want our students to be successful, we have to provide consistency and routines in our classrooms.

2) The best exercise for the brain is exercise. No, that wasn't a typo! Get your students up and moving. If you don't know how to start,"Just Dance" videos on You Tube is a great way to get students excited about movement. Exercise breaks should be give throughout the day, not just in the morning.

3) Connections on the outside build neural connections on the inside. Greeting our students every morning with an old fashioned high five will get their joy juice flowing. Don't forget to give purposeful greetings every time your students return back to the classroom after specials, lunch, or recess.

4) The brain functions best when we feel physically and psychologically safe. Remind your students everyday that your job is to keep them safe, and their job is to help keep it that way.

As always, I wish you well! -- Betsy

Conscious Discipline in Action -- with a Dash of Great Character!

Fell in love with this -- Mandie Crosby at Cambridge sent a picture of "wish you well" letters they wrote to a friend who moved away from our school family. What a great send off!

So you know -- we are working with Pupil Services on developing welcome packages for families new to the Belton School District starting next year; I can't wait!

Wellness Update from Abby Carter

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William Woods Graduate Programs

Click here for a flyer announcing meetings at Belton High School for the Masters and Education Specialist programs. The meetings will be held on April 27; Masters at 5:30 and EdS at 6:30.
William Woods needs 7-8 people for each program. These programs are scheduled for an August start date.

Missouri Retired Teachers Fund Grant Opportunity!