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Why E-Cigarettes are the better choice

The Electric Cigarette has been introduced as the future of smoking and many users have commended the product as it offers an alternate smoking experience. The E Cig offers the smoker everything that they could want which includes the ability to consume a certain level of nicotine which is identical to the art of smoking a tobacco cigarette. The Electric Cigarette is convenient to carry around while most importantly it does not produce smoke, does not leave behind ash and does not contain any tobacco.

Basically, any type of E Cig that is available nowadays are similar when it comes to it components and functionalities. The device consists of a battery, a heating element and a cartridge that holds the E Liquid that contains the nicotine of the necessary flavourings. However, there are added features that might vary while most of the high quality Electric Cigarette manufacturers offer you refillable cartridges and rechargeable batteries.

E Cigarette UK sales are on the rise while the reason behind it has been quite simple. Here is a simple description before we talk about the benefits. The rechargeable lithium battery powers the E Cig while it can be charged using the charger that is quite similar to one that is used to charge a cell phone battery. The battery is connected to the chamber which contains the atomizer which is responsible for creating the vapour. When the Electric Cigarette is activated, the device is heated up and the cartridge that contains the nicotine infused Eliquid is vaporized providing you a smoking sensation in return.

So, why is the E Cig a better choice? Smokers who enjoy the tobacco cigarette are been seen switching to the Electric Cigarette simply because they are aware of the of the long term health conflicts of tobacco smoking and the practicality and user friendly options that are available with the electronic device. The tobacco cigarette which contains thousands of harmful toxins is a definite health risk and when you are offered a healthier option why not go for it?

A main benefit of the E Cig is that you can choose the level of nicotine that you require in your E Liquid while there are numerous flavours that you can choose from. Here are the main benefits of the Electric Cigarette that you can enjoy.

  • It does not contain Tobacco but you can purchase Eliquid that contains the tobacco flavour

  • There’s no tar in the solution making it better health-wise

  • The E Cig does not emit any type of smoke which usually with the tobacco cigarette affects everyone around the smoker. This electronic device simply emits a vapour which dissolves into thin air instantly after a few seconds

  • Another plus point is, you as the smoker do not have to worry about ash falling off everywhere you light it up. The Electric Cigarette simply does not leave any sort of residue other than the vapour

  • You can stop worrying about stained teeth

  • The odour is long gone since there is no combustion or tobacco filled smoke that is emitted from the E Cig

  • Be glad that you can get away without smoker’s breath

  • The Electric Cigarette has minimal restrictions when it comes to places that you can enjoy a smoke